Grand Century Place-Multicomplex Shopping Mall in Hong Kong

Grand Century Place-Multicomplex Shopping Mall in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the administrative region of China, addresses not only the region’s problems but also those of the locals and tourists. To overcome this administration different streets, specifically for shopping are there. Grand Century Place, a multi-complex shopping mall named MOKO, with two 11 Storey office towers, and a large podium along with the modern hotel Royal Plaza Hotel is located at 193 Prince Edward Road West Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. From 10 am to 10 pm, the shopping Centre offers a lot to locals and tourists. Let’s discuss this stunning shopping as well as a tourist destination.

Grand Century Place Towers

Grand Century Place Towers 1 and 2 are located at Prince Edward Road West in the center of Mong Kok Commercial Hub. Both the towers offer a large podium with 240,000 square feet gross floor area and 20,800 square foot offices. On walking distance, Mong Kok MTR, bus, and minibus are the best traffic connections.

Grand Century Shopping Mall

Grand Century Place’s first Part, MOKO also known as the shopping Centre is located in East Mong Kok, Hong Kong. This Centre offers pure shopping fun on more than 700,000 square feet with 7 floors consisting of MTR floors and levels 1-6. There are more than 200 shops with a large selection of different brands. Storage includes Cosmetics, audio-visual and electronics, books, and gifts for men and ladies.  MOKO is directly connected to Mong Kok East Station.
Royal Plaza Hotel, the Second part of Grand Century is a five-star hotel next to the shopping Centre. Besides this hotel, there are almost 30 other restaurants where you will find Asian and Western food with typical fast food chains including Mcdonald’s, KFC, Pacific Coffee, and many more. A wide variety of food lovers can explore the 5th-floor food court for small money.

Nearby Destinations

If you didn’t find anything of interest at Grand Century Place, don’t worry there are a lot of other specific markets within walking distance. Flower, Goldfish, ladies’ markets and Sneaker Street are stunning shopping and tourist destinations. Without getting late plan your trip and explore Hong Kong with us. Best of Luck!

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