Hong Kong Emergency Numbers and Other Necessary Helplines

Hong Kong, where known as the administrative region of China also arranges for tourists needs coming from all over the world. It is suggested that whether you are traveling in any corner of the world take care of yourself. Read all the necessary information about your destination on different platforms. Learn about the pros and cons along with the people reviews. All these things are part of your tour. As our website tells you about Hong Kong, it’s our responsibility to provide you with the basic information. This Blog post is all about the Hong Kong Emergency Numbers and other necessary departments.

Emergency Service Numbers

Before starting your journey towards your respective destination, you must have these Hong Kong Emergency Numbers in your pocket. Don’t forget to carry a backspace cell phone for emergency calls. 999 is the only police, and fire services department. If you need any sort of help, feel free to contact them. Those who can’t hear or listen can send an SMS via 992 for assistance. Other department numbers are as follows:

Police Hotline                                         2527 7177
Tourism Department of Hong Kong       2807 0707
Tourism Board Hotline                            2508 1234
International Airport Hong Kong            2181 8888
Immigration Department of Hong Kong 2824 6111
Consumers Society                                 2929 2222
Ministry of Health                                   2961 8989
Customs and Excise Department            2815 7711
Post Office Hong Kong                           2921 2222
Weather informational Hong Kong Observatory 1878 200

Dial +852 Hong Kong international number before calling and inform the respective department about your problem. We recommend that you should not get involved in any sort of matter and inform the respective department. That’s not only safe but also provides you the priority in case you’re right in your opinions. Best of Luck!

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