Airport Express Hong Kong- A Comprehensive Guided Tour

Airport Express Hong Kong- A Comprehensive Guided Tour

Airport Express Hong Kong is the world’s leading railway system offering the fastest, swift, convenient journey. It is one of the ten lines of the Hong Kong MTR system that links urban areas with the Hong Kong International Airport and Asia World-Expo Centre. It is the only rail that links to the airport.

Almost 36-kilometer journey from Hong Kong station to the airport is covered in just 20 minutes. Running parallel to the Tung Chung Line from the Hong Kong station leads just south of the channel between Lantau Island and Chek Lap Kok Island on which the airport is constructed. Let’s discuss the route, timetable, and many more about this pleasant and seamless travel experience.

Airport Express Routes

As mentioned earlier Airport Express runs from Hong Kong station in Central. Crossing beneath Victoria Harbor before stopping at Kowloon Station on reclaimed land then runs along the western side of Kowloon Peninsula crossing over the Rambler channel rail bridge to Tsing Yi and in the last stops at Tsing Yi Station.

The line also shares tracks with the Tung Chung Line just in Cross Harbor Tunnel and from the Lantau link through the split before reaching the airport. Both the lines have their separate tracks and platforms at all stations.


Airport Express Hong Kong offers the most convenient, comfortable, and swift ride than that of other MTR services. You will see luggage racks next to each door, each seat will be equipped with in-seat loudspeakers. At the Hong Kong station, the lines offer in-town check-in where passengers on a flight can receive boarding passes and check out their baggage before heading to the Airport bags free. On board WIFI and charger services are also provided to the passengers.

Airport Express Swift Sitting Area

Airport Express Timetable

Although the journey between the Airport and Hong Kong downtown covers just 20 minutes the travel time to and from the Asia World Expo is about 30 minutes. The timetable for derating and arrival is as follows:

From Asia World Expo

  • to the Airport and City first train moves at 6:00 while the second one at 00:40

Airport to City

  • first trains move at 5:50 while the last one at 00:45
  • From the airport to Asia World Expo, the first train moves at 6:12 while the last one at 1:10

From City to Airport

  • Hong Kong to Airport’s first departure is at 5: 50 while the last one is at 00:45
  • Kowloon to Airport’s first departure is at 5:52 while the last one is at 00:50
  • Tsing Yi to Airport the first departure is at 6:00 while the last one is at 00:55

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