A Comprehensive Guide to Clearwater Bay Country Park

A Comprehensive Guide to Clearwater Bay Country Park

Nestled on the eastern shores of the ClearWater Bay Peninsula in Hong Kong, Clearwater Bay stands as a haven of serenity, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and recreational activities. Let’s dive deep into this coastal gem and uncover the many facets that make it a must-visit destination.

Clearwater Bay Country Park

Nestled in the Southeastern New Territories, Clearwater Bay Country Park, designated in 1979, sprawls across 615 hectares of untamed beauty. From Hang Hau to the scenic Joss House Bay, this natural haven offers a rugged terrain largely untouched by urban development, making it a hotspot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The park’s topographical challenges unveil a unique showcase of landforms and geological wonders, revealing the coastal plains’ submergence through centuries of crustal movements and sea level shifts.

Starting your journey at Tai Hang Tun promises a comfortable exploration for family hikers, while historic sites like the Tin Hau Temple and Bronze Age rock carvings add cultural depth. Whether you’re a serious geology buff or simply seeking a breath of fresh air, Clearwater Bay Country Park promises an immersive experience in the heart of nature’s untouched beauty. Embark on the 6.6-km High Junk Peak Country Trail, meandering along the peninsula’s main ridge. Marvel at panoramic views and explore the diverse landscapes. Challenge yourself with the 2.3-km Lung Ha Wan Country Trail, rewarding hikers with splendid views over grassy hillsides and the Sai Kung hills.

Things to Do

Clearwater Bay First and Second Beach: Indulge in sun-soaked bliss at two pristine white sandy beaches. Both beaches boast shark nets and lifeguards during the summer, connected by a scenic shoreline path for a stroll. During the summer, lifeguards watch over both beaches. Changing rooms, lockers, shower facilities, toilets, and rafts enhance the beach experience. Shark nets provide added safety, a response to a series of incidents in 1995.

Lung Ha Wan Rock Carving: Delve into history at the Lung Ha Wan Rock Carving, a protected site featuring intriguing geometric patterns reminiscent of stylized animals and birds.

Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club: Established in 1982, this prestigious country club is a hub for residents to unwind. With an 18-hole golf course, outdoor swimming pool, and two restaurants, it’s a perfect blend of leisure and socialization.

Tai Hang Tun: Experience the thrill of kite-flying atop Tai Hang Tun during windy months. Alternatively, turn your visit into a picturesque picnic, strolling around the grassy pasture.


St. Barts: Savor a laid-back brunch at St. Barts, offering a well-balanced menu of sweet and savory choices. Whether on the garden terrace or in the spacious dining room, the airy atmosphere complements the dining experience.

Che Chai Mean: For a taste of Japanese-style noodles, locals love Che Chai Mean. Customize your bowl with various bases and toppings, creating a delightful culinary adventure.

Lardos Steak House: Since 2000, Lardos Steak House has carved a niche for itself, serving delectable international steaks and seafood. The family-run establishment offers a cozy, relaxed ambiance with an extensive menu.

How to Get There

By MTR: Embark on a scenic journey by taking the Island Line (blue) from Central Station. Make a seamless transfer to the Tseung Kwan O line (purple) and disembark at either Hang Hau or Tseung Kwan O station.

By Minibus: For a more local experience, opt for minibusses. From Hang Hau station, hop on minibus 101M towards HKUST and Sai Kung. Alternatively, from Tseung Kwan O station, catch minibus 103M to Clearwater Bay Beach.


Clearwater Bay beckons you with open arms, promising a day of tranquility, adventure, and culinary delights. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on sandy shores, exploration along scenic trails, or indulging in delectable cuisines, Clearwater Bay has it all. Plan your visit and immerse yourself in the coastal charm of this Hong Kong gem.

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