Fu Shan Viewing Point Viewing of Chinese White Dolphins, Tai O Lantau Island

Fu Shan Viewing Point Viewing of Chinese White Dolphins, Tai O Lantau Island

In this vast universe, tourists are also found with vast interest. Those wondering about the picture-perfect scenery in Hong Kong should not miss Fu Shan Viewing Point Viewing of Chinese White Dolphins. This worth-seeing viewing point is located on Fu Shan, a small hill in Hong Kong on Lantau Island North of Tai O at a height almost 75 meters above sea level. As it says difficult ways lead to beautiful destinations, you had to walk 15 minutes to Tiger Mountain in Cantonese.

Fu Shan Viewing Point Route

This stunning Viewing point is only accessible by foot. You can easily approach this point through a few ways from where you can see the threatened Chinese white Dolphins jumping from the Entire South China Sea water into the air, the blurred horizon among the sky and ocean, and pink orange fences of the trail making a cute picture square backdrop. Linking three major cities, Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau the prominent landmark bridge is also visible through Fu Shan Viewing Point.

One of the best and easiest ways to reach Fu Shan Viewing Point to observe Chinese White Dolphins is to make a sharp right turn at the western end of Shek Tsai Po Street after passing Tai O Heritage Hotel. After that concrete path Singing along the way is suitable for all ages including families, children, and elder people. Following “To Pavilion” signs you will reach the stairways, entering through a small gate and walking your way up. Don’t forget the sunset view from this point.

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