Discover Ngau Tau Kok Hong Kong- A Hidden Gem

Discover Ngau Tau Kok-A Hidden Gem in Hong Kong

Unveil the Charm of Ngau Tau Kok’s Geography. Welcome to Ngau Tau Kok, a delightful residential area nestled in eastern Kowloon, Hong Kong. Boasting a population of over 310,000, this hidden gem offers more than meets the eye. Ngau Tau translates to “ox horn” or “ox head cape” in Chinese, reflecting the area’s unique coastline shape before the Kowloon Bay reclamation.

Exploring Jordan Valley and Crocodile Hill

Discover the beauty of Jordan Valley (Shum Wan Shan) and Crocodile Hill (Ngok Yue Shan). Around half of Ngau Tau Kok’s residential blocks are nestled in this tranquil region, providing residents with a serene living experience.

The Tranquil Residences of Crocodile Hill

Kung Lok Road

A Residential Haven. Wander along Kung Lok Road, a quiet residential area encircling Crocodile Hill. This road hosts two parks—the Kung Lok Road Playground and the Kung Lok Road Children’s Playground—offering recreational spaces for residents of all ages.

Mu Kuang English School

St Catharine’s School for Girls. Uncover the educational institutions along Kung Lok Road, such as the Mu Kuang English School and the St Catharine’s School for Girls. These establishments contribute to the area’s cultural and educational richness.

Shopping and Entertainment Hub

. Ngau Tau Kok Road

A Fusion of Culture and Commerce. Ngau Tau Road is a bustling thoroughfare featuring an array of amenities. From restaurants and banks to fashion boutiques and jewelry shops, this vibrant street caters to diverse tastes. Two shopping malls, Yue Man Square Shopping Centre and U-mall, offer affordable daily necessities with a touch of quality.

Upper Ngau Tau Kok Shopping Centre

Retail Haven. Delve into the retail haven of Upper Ngau Tau Estate Shopping Centre, completed in mid-2009. With six shops covering approximately 1,100 square meters, this single-story building is perfect for fast-food shops, supermarkets, clinics, and more. Conveniently located near MTR Kowloon Bay Station, it serves as a go-to spot for residents.

Embracing Nature in Ngau Tau Kok

Ngau Tau Kok Park

Green Oasis. Adjacent to Ngau Tau Lower Estate, Ngau Tau Kok Park spans two hectares, offering a breath of fresh air for Kwun Tong residents. With a unique jogging track design, fitness stations, and play areas, it’s a haven for those seeking a balance between urban living and nature.


Ngau Tau is more than just a residential area; it’s a vibrant community blending history, education, commerce, and nature. Whether you’re strolling along Kung Lok Road or enjoying the facilities at Ngau Tau Kok Park, this hidden gem in Hong Kong has something for everyone.

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