Explore the Whimsical Charm of Snoopy World Hong Kong Theme Park

Explore the Charm of Snoopy World Hong Kong Theme Park

If you’re in Hong Kong and looking for a unique and whimsical theme park experience that’s a little different from the usual Disneyland or Ocean Park, look no further than Snoopy World Hong Kong. Nestled in the heart of Sha Tin, within the New Town Plaza Shopping Mall, this delightful theme park is a haven for fans of the beloved Peanuts comic strip and, of course, the iconic beagle, Snoopy.

Unfortunately, most Hong Kong tourists are still unaware that there are much better Kid attractions besides other family parks. Snoopy World was opened in 2000 on the third floor of Sha Tin New Plaza Shopping Mall. It is the only of its kind theme park in Asia having six small zones of amusements.

Snoopy World: Where Dreams Come True

Snoopy’s World is a world of its own, with various amusement zones such as the Snoopy House, Peanuts Academy, Canoe Ride, Peanuts Dugout, and much more. The centerpiece is the enormous 4.5-meter-tall Snoopy House at the park’s entrance, which also doubles as a museum dedicated to all the Peanuts characters and their creator, Charles Schulz.

The Adventure Begins: Doghouse Entry

As you enter Snoopy’s World, the adventure kicks off right at the “Doghouse Entry.” Here, you’ll find Snoopy himself, comfortably napping on top of his famous doghouse. It’s a charming and picture-perfect moment that sets the tone for the fun that awaits.

A World of Oversized Figurines

Snoopy’s World is an enchanting wonderland filled with over 60 oversized figurines featuring characters from the Peanuts comic strip. These larger-than-life statues bring the beloved characters, including Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and Sally, to life in a truly captivating way.

Peanuts Academy

An American-Styled School Bus. Behind Snoopy’s house, you’ll discover the “Peanuts Academy,” housed within an American-styled school bus. This spot is perfect for capturing some memorable snapshots with your favorite Peanuts characters. It’s a unique and fun photo opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Canoe Ride

A Splash of Adventure. For a splash of adventure, head to the “Canoe Ride.” This water-based attraction offers a thrilling three-minute journey through the park’s scenic surroundings. Please note that this ride can get quite busy on weekends and public holidays, so plan accordingly if you want to enjoy this exhilarating experience.

Peanuts Dugout

A Playground for All. The “Peanuts Dugout” is the fourth amusement zone within Snoopy’s World. Here, you’ll find a baseball-themed playground with swings and rides for the kids, while parents can take a break on nearby benches. It is one of the great spots for family fun and relaxation.

Peanuts Boulevard

Photo Paradise. The “Peanuts Boulevard” is the fifth amusement zone, featuring life-size figures of popular Peanuts characters like Joe Cool and Lucy. It’s a paradise for photography enthusiasts, offering countless photo opportunities with these beloved characters.

Community Hall

Snoopy Wedding House. Last but not least, the “Community Hall: Snoopy Wedding House” is the sixth amusement zone in the park, where you can host your wedding. It’s a unique and enchanting venue to exchange your vows, with plenty of Peanuts character photo opportunities outside to create beautiful memories.

In conclusion, Snoopy’s World in Hong Kong is a hidden gem that promises a unique and whimsical experience for visitors of all ages. With oversized Peanuts figurines, thrilling rides, and the possibility of hosting a dream wedding with Snoopy, it’s a place where dreams truly come to life. So, if you’re ever in Hong Kong and seeking a magical adventure, make sure to pay a visit to this extraordinary theme park.

Get to Snoopy World Hong Kong

No matter whether you are on your family trip or alone in Hong Kong, just take the East Railway to Sha Tin Station, and from there take exit A. Walking through the New Town Plaza Shopping Mall just in 5 minutes you will reach Snoopy World Hong Kong. Just remember the signs mentioned in the shopping mall.

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