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Move around the Stanley ,Hong Kong

Nestled on the south coast of Hong Kong Island, Stanley is a charming seaside town that offers a refreshing escape from the bustling skyscrapers of the city. With a Riviera-like atmosphere, Stanley boasts a beautiful promenade, a vibrant street market, and historic colonial-era buildings. This comprehensive guide will take you through the top attractions, dining options, and accommodation choices. Making your visit to Stanley a memorable experience.

Getting to Stanley Hong Kong

To reach Stanley, most people opt for the 6, 6A, or 6X Citybus departing from Exchange Square in Central. The journey involves a scenic drive over the mountains, although those prone to motion sickness may prefer the MTR to Ocean Park, followed by a 15-minute taxi ride to Stanley.

Move around Stanley, Hong Kong

What to See and Do in Stanley

  1. Stanley Market: Stanley’s top attraction is its market, known for its relaxed atmosphere and diverse offerings. You can find it easily from the Stanley Bus Terminus, featuring souvenirs, clothing in Western sizes, and original artwork created by resident artists.
  2. Stanley Promenade: Enjoy a stroll along the bay on the Stanley Promenade. Here you’ll find numerous restaurants with outdoor patios and umbrellas for alfresco dining.
  3. Stanley Plaza: Adjacent to the promenade, Stanley Plaza offers a shopping center with various facilities, restaurants, and a ship-themed playground for children.
  4. Murray House: Dating back to 1844, the Murray House once served as officers’ quarters during the colonial era. Now it houses several restaurants and provides a picturesque setting to savor the ocean view.
  5. Blake Pier: Located in front of Murray House, Blake Pier offers a popular spot for admiring the bay or even trying some fishing. Both Murray House and Blake Pier were painstakingly relocated to Stanley in 2006 from Central.
  6. Stanley Ma Hang Park: This park offers cliff-side trails, a butterfly garden, and the Pak Tai Temple, dating back to 1805 when Stanley was a fishing village.
  7. Beaches: Stanley features several beaches, with Stanley Main Beach and Hair Pin Beach being popular choices for swimming. For a quieter experience, explore Saint Stephen’s Beach on the southern peninsula.

Hong Kong Museum of Correctional Services: This unique museum explores the history of Hong Kong’s penal system with ten galleries, including mock gallows and jail cells. Visitors can examine homemade weapons and contraband from the past.

What to Eat and Drink in Stanley Hong Kong

  1. The Boathouse: One of the most popular dining choices, The Boathouse is an iconic three-story building with a stunning view of the bay. Adjacent to it, The Pickled Pelican offers British comfort food in a cozy pub setting.
  2. Stanley Plaza: Inside Stanley Plaza, you’ll find over a dozen restaurants serving various cuisines, including Shanghainese, Cantonese, Indian, and cozy cafes. For burger enthusiasts, Beef & Liberty is a must-visit.
  3. King Ludwig Beerhall: Located upstairs inside Murray House, this beerhall offers a beautiful outdoor terrace and panoramic bay views. Making it an ideal place to unwind with a cold pint after exploring Stanley Market.
  4. Local Eateries: While many waterfront restaurants offer Western fare, you can also savor delicious local dishes. In Stanley Plaza, give Chung’s Cuisine a try for hearty stir-fries. Venture away from the tourist spots to discover small local eateries that may offer an English menu.

Where to Stay in Stanley

  1. Stanley Oriental Hotel: This is the only true hotel in Stanley, offering a beautiful location overlooking the bay. Situated right by Stanley Market, it’s an excellent base for exploring the town, dining at local restaurants, and enjoying the vibrant nightlife.
  2. Airbnbs: Due to the limited number of hotels, Airbnb rentals are a popular choice for overnight stays in Stanley. Offering a more local and personalized experience.
  3. Aberdeen and Ocean Park: If you prefer staying near Stanley. Aberdeen and Ocean Park are excellent alternatives to Hong Kong’s ‘Southside.’


Stanley, Hong Kong, is a hidden gem on the south coast of the island. Offering a picturesque escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. With its vibrant market, beautiful promenade, historic landmarks, and a variety of dining options. Stanley promises a memorable experience for travelers looking to explore a more laid-back and scenic side of Hong Kong.

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