Cheung Chau Bun Festival 2024 in Hong Kong

Cheung Chau Bun Festival 2024 in Hong Kong

The Cheung Chau Bun Festival, also known as the Cheung Chau Da Jiu Festival, is a vibrant traditional Chinese celebration held annually on the island of Cheung Chau in Hong Kong. Recognized as one of the most renowned Da Jiu festivals, it commemorates the end of a historic plague and serves as a highlight of the island’s festive calendar. Despite its Taoist origins, the festival has evolved into a cultural showcase, drawing visitors from around the globe to partake in its festivities.

2024 Cheung Chau Bun Carnival

The 2024 Bun Carnival, taking place from April 7th to May 16th, is set to captivate locals and tourists alike. Organized by the Hong Kong Cheung Chau Bun Festival Committee and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, this event promises a diverse array of activities aimed at acquainting the public with Cheung Chau’s rich traditions. Sponsored by Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Ltd. and Watsons Water, the carnival features engaging events such as the Bun Scrambling Competition, Climbing Carnival, and various cultural showcases.

Program Highlights

  • April 7, 2024 (Sunday): Bun Scrambling Competition – Training on Bun Tower Climbing
  • April 14, 2024 (Sunday): Bun Scrambling Competition – Selection Contest
  • May 5, 2024 (Sunday): Climbing Carnival
  • May 15-16, 2024 (Wednesday & Thursday): Bun Scrambling Competition – Bun Scrambling Final cum Prize Presentation Ceremony


Legend has it that in the 18th century, Cheung Chau was plagued by disease and piracy until local fishermen paraded an image of their patron deity, Pak Tai, through the village, dispelling evil spirits. Over time, the festival has evolved, incorporating diverse folk elements and becoming a symbol of communal unity and resilience.

Activities at Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Experience the vibrant tapestry of traditions and festivities at the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. Where time-honored rituals blend seamlessly with modern spectacles. From mesmerizing parades and elaborate deity worship to exhilarating bun-snatching competitions. Each activity offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and communal spirit of this iconic celebration.

Vegetarian Delights

During the festival, Cheung Chau embraces a vegetarian diet for three days. Even local establishments like McDonald’s offer veggie alternatives. Visitors can savor a variety of traditional vegetarian dishes, including fried spring rolls and sweet-and-sour tofu cubes.

Parade of Floats

The festival’s centerpiece is a vibrant parade featuring lion dances, dragon dances, and elaborately crafted floats. Children, adorned in costumes of legendary heroes, perform gravity-defying acts, suspended above the crowd on steel frames.

Deity Worship

Cheung Chau’s religious fervor is on full display, with worshippers paying homage to revered deities such as Pak Tai, Tin Hau, Kuan Yin, and Hung Shing. These divine figures symbolize protection and prosperity for the island’s fishing community.

Bun Snatching

The festival’s climax culminates in the bun-snatching ritual, where trained athletes ascend towering bamboo structures to retrieve lucky buns. Once a perilous tradition, stringent safety measures now ensure a thrilling yet secure competition, preserving the essence of Cheung Chau’s cultural heritage.


In conclusion, the Cheung Chau Bun Festival is not only a testament to the island’s storied past but also a vibrant celebration of community spirit and cultural identity. As visitors immerse themselves in the festivities. They’re invited to partake in age-old traditions and create lasting memories amid the lively atmosphere of Cheung Chau.

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