Fa Yuen Street- Everything You Need to Know

Fa Yuen Street- Everything You Need to Know

Although a lot of streets in Hong Kong are famous for shopping and dining purposes, Fa Yuen Street between Boundary Street and Dundas Street in Mong Kok Kowloon Hong Kong is the oldest one known for its low-cost clothing centers, shoes, fruit stall, and household products. Mostly you will find here sport gear, almost fifty-plus stores sell sports shoes. Due to this reason, the street is also called Sneaker Street or Sport Shoes Street. In Cantonese Fa Yuen means “Garden”. Let’s discuss all about this worth seeing destination in Mong Kok.

Fa Yuen Street Mong Kok

During the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the street was famous as a flower-growing place belonging to Mong Kok village at that time. Extending from Mong Kok MTR and ending at Prince Edward Road, all the stalls offer T-shirts, hats, bags, lagging, and the like for men, women and children. You will find here every sort of product from the lowest to the highest price range. Engaging shopping stalls and food stalls are also merged there. Adjacent to these fruit stalls, you will find the cheapest clothing boutiques on the ground floor of the building lining Fa Yuen Street.

Street Market Opening Hours

Although the market opening and closing hours are not specified due to independence. But most of the market shops are open from 10 am to 12 pm daily. Most of the stalls remain open according to the buyer’s requirements. The timing may vary according to weather conditions.

How to Get to the Fu Yuen Street?

As mentioned earlier the street stretches from Dudas Street through to Prince Edward Road, it’s easily accessible through the MTR. On the way to MTR station take its exit B3. You can also take your vehicle to get rid of the crowd.

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