Kowloon Station MTR- All You Need to Know Before Going

Kowloon Station MTR- All You Need to Know Before Going

Hong Kong, a well-established administrative region of China, is known for its administration and management of railway tracks, their routes, proper timing, and many more. Kowloon Station located on Tung Chung Line and the Airport Express of Hong Kong’s MTR is one of the two airport express stations. The station provides in-town check-in service for those passengers departing from Hong Kong International Airport as well as free shuttle bus services to most of the major parts of Tsim Sha Tsui and Yau Ma Tei areas. Let’s discuss all the routes, schedules, and services.

Stations Layout

The station’s location is less than two hundred meters west of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen- Hong Kong Express Rail Link Hong Kong section west Kowloon terminus, almost five hundred meters west of Austin on the Tuen Ma Line, and a kilometer west of Jordan station. The Tung Chung Line and the Airport Express have separate paid areas. Platform number 2 is specified just for those passengers who arrive from the Hong Kong International Airport or Asia World Expo. Sometimes during the morning rush hours from Monday to Saturday, it is also used for boarding passengers traveling on the line to Hong Kong Station with a morning express ticket. The station serves passengers from 6 am to 1 midnight until the last train leaves.

Four platforms lead to different destinations:

  • Platform 1 airport express towards Asia World Expo.
  • Platform 2 airport express towards Hong Kong terminus
  • Airport Express concourse customer service, taxi stands, MTR shops and public toilets
  • Platform 3 Tung Chung Line towards Tung Chung
  • Platform 4 Tung Chung Line towards Hong Kong

Stations Entrance and Exits

Five segments of the station entrance and exit are as follows:

  • A station car parking
  • B Airport Express Shuttle bus
  • C1 public transport interchange, Elements, and International Commerce Centre
  • C2 Sorrento, The Arch, the harborside, the waterfront
  • D1 Elements Hall
  • D2 Sorrento, The Arch, International Commerce Centre, harborside, waterfront
  • E1- E5 West Kowloon cultural district, western Harbour Crossing bus stops

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