Goldfish Market Hong KongThe Aquatic Wonderland of Tung Choi Street

Goldfish Market The Aquatic Wonderland of Tung Choi Street

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Mong Kok, Hong Kong, Goldfish Street, or the Goldfish Market, is a captivating section of Tung Choi Street, situated north of Bute Street. This unique market boasts an array of shops dedicated to selling tropical freshwater and marine fish, reptiles, vivariums, and more. However, this iconic market faces potential redevelopment threats, putting its existence in jeopardy. Additionally, concerns about the sale of threatened or endangered species add complexity to the scenario.

Historical Roots

Unraveling the history of the Goldfish Market reveals its roots in Hong Kong’s export legacy. As one of the leading exporters of goldfish and tropical fish for global fishkeepers, Tung Choi Street’s northern end has been the heart of the Goldfish Market for years. Originally driven by the principles of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing homes, the demand for goldfish in Hong Kong surpassed that of other countries.

Shopping Extravaganza

Walking along Goldfish Street is like stepping into an aquatic wonderland. The street is lined with numerous aquariums and pet shops, offering a diverse selection of ornamental fish, aquarium accessories, and pets ranging from cats and dogs to lizards, tortoises, and frogs. The market draws in both locals and tourists seeking a unique shopping experience.

What to Expect in the Goldfish Market

Specialized Shops

Goldfish Street is not just a market; it’s a hub for enthusiasts and hobbyists. Various shops specialize in specific products, such as goldfish, koi, or seawater marine shops. Some focus solely on accessories, while others cater to the growing interest in tank dressing, showcasing a wide array of aquatic plants and seaweeds.

Goldfish Market Specialized Shops

Commercial Realities

While the owners of these shops are often enthusiasts themselves, it’s crucial to recognize that Goldfish Market is a commercial district, not just a tourist attraction. The delicate balance between passion and profit underscores the need for visitors to understand that purchases sustain these unique shops.

Must-Buy Items

For visitors exploring Goldfish Street, the range of purchases extends beyond fish. Aquarists can find decorative plants like seaweed, a popular choice for those interested in enhancing their tank aesthetics. Additionally, various accessories such as decorations, filters, and thermometers cater to tourists looking to adorn their tanks back home.

Beyond the Market-Sightseeing Opportunities

Sights and Sounds

Goldfish Market is not just about shopping; it’s a gateway to other fascinating attractions. The southern part of Tung Choi Street transforms into the famous Ladies Market, offering a diverse shopping experience. Nearby, the Flower Market Road and the Bird Garden cater to enthusiasts of flora and songbirds, creating a symphony of sights and sounds.

Accommodation Options

While Goldfish Market itself may not offer many tourist hotels, the proximity to Kowloon opens up numerous accommodation options. The Royal Plaza Hotel, a 5-star haven at 193 Prince Edward Road West, is within walking distance. The Metropark Hotel Mongkok, located at Lai Chi Kok Road, offers a slightly more affordable yet modern option. Other choices like the Oriental Lander Hotel and the Newton Hong Kong Hotel provide diverse alternatives for travelers.

Get to Goldfish Market

Navigating to the Goldfish Market in Mongkok, Hong Kong is a breeze, no matter your starting point. If you’re along Nathan Road, a leisurely 3km walk or a quick MTR ride will bring you to this aquatic wonderland. For those in Causeway Bay, a scenic bus journey or a seamless MTR transfer leads you to the enchanting Goldfish Street. Even arriving from the airport is straightforward with the A21 bus. No matter your starting location, the Goldfish Market awaits, promising a unique blend of history, commerce, and aquatic delights in the heart of Hong Kong.

Opening Hours

You will find here the traditional business time when the market opens early in the morning. A few shops open at 4 am and close until sunrise daily. Most of the stalls and shops open around 10:00 am and remain open until late at 10:00 pm for tourists and locals. During Chinese New Year, you will find these shops and stalls closed for a few days.


In the heart of Mong Kok, Goldfish Street stands as a testament to Hong Kong’s rich history and vibrant present. A visit to this aquatic haven promises a unique blend of history, commerce, and leisure. While the market faces potential redevelopment, the allure of Goldfish Street continues to attract enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

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