Prada Outlet Hong Kong -Enchanting Florentia Village’s Brand

Prada Outlet Hong Kong

Welcome to the realm of Prada Outlet Hong Kong, where luxury meets history. Uncover the journey of the renowned brand, from its inception in 1913 to the contemporary allure of the Prada Outlet in Hong Kong’s Florentia Village. Prada and Miu Miu outlet offer a combined bag of feelings. Depending upon the day you write whether you can bargain something or leave the store without catching anything.

Generally, you will find last season’s collection but, it depends upon your interest. If you are willing to buy shoes over 38 or high heels, you will surely have trouble. But no problem, instead of shoes you will find a lot of accessories including key rings, sunglasses, and wallets for personal and gifting purposes. Join us on a virtual tour of luxury and sophistication.

The Prada Brand: A Tale of Prestige

Embark on a historical journey as we delve into the roots of the Prada brand, born in 1913 under the vision of Mr. Mario Prada. Explore how it evolved into a symbol of prestige and recognition in the global fashion and luxury goods industries.

Iconic Trademarks

Uncover the secrets behind Prada’s iconic trademarks – the Savoy coat of arms and Savoy figure-of-eight knot. Discover how these symbols reflect the brand’s heritage as an official supplier to the former Royal family of Italy.

The Classic Nylon Bag

Dive into the allure of Prada’s famous black nylon bag, introduced in the 1970s. Explore the journey of this enduring classic, adorned with the signature triangle logo, and witness how it became an iconic symbol in Prada Outlet Hong Kong’s rich history.

Prada Outlet Hong Kong

Past Glory: Two Prada Outlets in Hong Kong

Travel back in time when there were two Prada & Miu Miu outlets in Hong Kong – one on the south side of Hong Kong Island and another near Kwai Hing station, Kowloon. Explore the distinctiveness of these outlets compared to their flagship stores.

The Last Standing

Witness the evolution as we reveal the current landscape – only one Prada & Miu Miu outlet stands in Hong Kong, nestled in Florentia Village, Kwai Chung. Get insights into this shopping haven, surrounded by various outlets, offering a unique shopping experience.

Prada Outlet Hong Kong Etiquette

Navigate the self-serving ambiance of Prada & Miu Miu outlets. Understand the dynamics of trying on bags and clothes in an outlet setting, offering a distinct experience compared to their flagship counterparts.


Get acquainted with the exact location of the Prada Outlet Hong Kong & Miu Miu outlet in Florentia Village. Uncover the charm of The General Garment Building on Kwai Cheong Rd, Kwai Chung.

Operating Hours

Plan your visit with precision as we provide the operating hours for the Prada Outlet Hong Kong & Miu Miu outlet. Navigate your shopping spree seamlessly from 10 am to 7:30 pm on weekdays and weekends.

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