Ho Lan Jeng- International Wine Coffee in Central Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the administrative as well as the Eye sighting tourist region in China is also a great spot for Dining. Whether you are a tourist or locals in search of an awful dining spot don’t miss Ho Lan Jeng. Locating in Wyndham Street, Central Hong Kong this spot offers Hong Kong’s Brewed craft beer and local food with playful recipes. Ho Lan Jeng is also known as 65 Peel due to its old location on Peel Street. For the navigation of the area, the use of central mid-level escalators is an enjoyable way. In this way, it is worth hiking up from the ground and burning a few calories before getting more. After burning a few calories when you the upper part of Peel Street. The bright red neon light of Peel Street automatically catches your attention. 

Let’s discuss all about the menu, environment, and others’ opinions about this bustling Ho Lan Jeng Dining spot.

Ho Lan Jeng Sitting Area

It seems that the interior is gently stolen from Wong Kar Wai’s film. As you move inside, a dark room with raw concrete walls furnished by a big neon sign of four Chinese characters warmly welcomes you. Favorite drink is foreign herb tea brewed with barley and hops. Traditional mosaic tile patterns, the old school dishes, tea bowls, and the staff’s Cha Chaan Teng style uniform make the interior even more cool.


At Ho Lan Jeng, a nice selection of local beer craft is served with playful ingredients including lavender Saison or Maks Brewery lemongrass IPA. The food is delicious and playful Just like the craft beer. Five Spices Edamame is the salty Munchy everyone’s favorite recipe. For catching pine leaf crab meat, golden crispy fried chicken, roasted broccoli flowers with real sauce golden mushroom dish, and tea slow-cooked pork lard rice are some of the most delicious dishes available on the menu.


In conclusion, Ho Lan Jeng is a perfect spot for dating, family as well as friends gathering. On the other hand. Peel Street offers multiple dining options with loads of bars and restaurants down the street. For dating purposes, you can get a seat at any time in any corner. But for gathering it’s better to reserve your table during busy hours. Shortly, for dining purposes this spot is the best one. Here dishes are updated regularly and you will find new dishes to taste from time to time.

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