Choi Hung Station in Hong Kong- Everything You Need to Know

Choi Hung Station in Hong Kong- Everything You Need to Know

Hong Kong the administrative region of China with thousands of landmark attractions and dining facilities is accessible via different options including, Railway lines, Airlines, and others. According to the service line report, Hong Kong possesses almost 98 MTR stations along with 10 heavy rail lines. Chui Hung Station also translated as the “rainbow” on Hong Kong MTR Kwun Tong Line. The name of the station is due to the nearby Choi Hung State which is a public housing estate.

Choi Hung Station Layout

On October 1979 the station was opened with the opening of Kwun Tong Line. The livery of Choi Hung station is navy blue with rainbow color stripes. The station offers 4 platforms but 1 and 4 are only fully functional platforms. Three tracks run through the station, 2 and 3 platforms share the middle track located in the middle of the station. Usually, the middle track is available as a siding, leading passengers to the Kowloon Bay MTR depot in the west of Kowloon Bay. The terminating platform for back-to-depot trains is Number 2. Number 3 platform is available as a boarding platform for out-of-depot trains leading towards Whampoa.

Entrance and Exit

Choi Hung Station is a managed MTR station with proper orientation of the entrance and exit options as follows:

A1= Clearwater Bay Road and bus stops

A2= Pink Shek Estate, Minibus Stops, and Serene Oasis

B= Ngau Chi Wan Market and Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre

C1= Ngau Chi Wan Village, Minibus leading to Hang Hau

C2= Ngau Chi Wan Village, Minibus to Sai Kung, Hammer Hill Road Swimming Pool

C3= Choi Hung Estate, Choi Ping Reading Centre, and Hong Kong Association for deaf

C4= Choi Hung Estate and Waterland bus stops on Lung Cheung Road

Choi Hung Station Nearby Attractions

Choi Hung is not only a station but also a big source for different eye sighting landmarks including Nan Lian Garden, Silver Stand Beach, Che Lin Nunnery, Hammer Hill Park, and many more. Tourist can easily plan their visit to these destinations and explore the wonder of Nature in Hong Kong. Some tourist destinations like Hammer Hill Park, and Western Lotus Pond Garden are within walking distance. A few are located on the average distance where you can reach by bus.

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