Hong Kong Coliseum-A Landmark of Entertainment and Excellence

Hong Kong Coliseum-A Landmark of Entertainment and Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Kowloon, Hong Kong Coliseum stands as an iconic symbol of entertainment and cultural vibrancy. Officially opened on April 27, 1983, this multi-purpose indoor arena, also known as Hung Hom Coliseum, has been a cornerstone for international sports events, spectacular entertainment programs, and unforgettable pop concerts. In this blog post, we delve into the features, history, and diverse events that have graced this architectural marvel.

Architectural Marvel

Shaped like an inverted pyramid, the Hong Kong Coliseum is a visual spectacle that commands attention along the waterfront. With a rooftop-down construction, it maximizes the column-free space within the 1,600 sq m arena, providing an unobstructed view for over 12,500 spectators. Strategically located near the MTR Hung Hom station, accessibility is seamless, making it a preferred venue for both local and international events.


The Coliseum boasts a big arena and several conference rooms, making it versatile for various events. The rectangular arena floor, surrounded by 12,500 seats, accommodates a range of activities from sports like futsal and badminton to concerts and ice skating. The venue’s adaptability extends to its flooring, capable of withstanding significant pressures and facilitating the setup of elaborate stages and equipment for concerts and live performances.

Conference rooms, including a reception room for VIPs, further enhance the Coliseum’s appeal as a venue for conventions and conferences. The demountable open stage provides a forum for public assemblies and live television broadcasts, showcasing its multifunctional capabilities.

Events and Notable Performances

Beyond its formal designation as a “Sports Arena,” the Coliseum has become synonymous with hosting world-class performances. Renowned artists like David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, and Westlife have graced its stage. It has been a venue for major events, including the Miss Hong Kong Pageant and the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League. The diverse range of events, from pop concerts to sports competitions, highlights the Coliseum’s adaptability and popularity.

Special Seating Arrangements and Accessibility

Hong Kong Coliseum is committed to providing an inclusive experience for all attendees. Barrier-free facilities and services cater to wheelchair users, visually impaired individuals, and those with hearing impairments. Specially designed ticketing systems, tactile guide paths, and induction loops contribute to an environment that welcomes everyone.

Hong Kong Coliseum Seating Arrangements and Accessibility

Accident and Safety Measures

While incidents are rare, the safety of attendees remains paramount. The unfortunate incident during a concert in 2022 prompted immediate investigations and safety reassessments. The Coliseum’s commitment to ensuring a secure environment is evident through its ongoing efforts to meet safety standards and regulations.


As a symbol of entertainment excellence, Hong Kong Coliseum continues to captivate audiences with its stunning architecture, versatile facilities, and a rich history of hosting diverse events. Whether you’re attending a pop concert, a sports competition, or a cultural celebration, the Coliseum promises an unforgettable experience, firmly establishing itself as a cultural hub in the heart of Kowloon.

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