Noah’s Ark Hong Kong-A Comprehensive Guide to Theme Park

Noah’s Ark Hong Kong-A Comprehensive Guide to Theme Park

Discover a captivating blend of nature, education, and biblical wonders at Noah’s Ark Hong Kong, nestled on Ma Wan Island. This evangelical Christian theme park, founded by real estate developers Thomas and Raymond Kwok, offers a unique experience centered on creationist narratives. Unravel the intriguing history, attractions, and controversy surrounding this family-friendly destination.


Ma Wan Park, initiated in 1997 with almost 800 million HKD government subsidy, was part of Sun Hung Kai’s ambitious development plan for the Ma Wan area. Construction commenced in 2005, with the park’s first phase opening in 2007, excluding Noah’s Ark. The full park, including the iconic Ark, opened its doors in May 2009 after overcoming delays and challenges.


In 2012, the Kwok brothers faced charges of bribing Rafael Hui, the former Chief Secretary overseeing the Ma Wan Park project. The court revealed a memo indicating the park’s role in village relocation. Thomas Kwok was convicted in 2014, while Raymond Kwok was acquitted. The controversy shed light on the relationship between developers and the government.


Noah’s Ark, a multi-story building resembling the biblical Ark, serves as the park’s centerpiece. Visitors can stay in a hotel or youth hostel atop the Ark. The park boasts sculptures of 67 life-size pairs of animals, a nature garden, and amusements for young children. Inside the Ark, a multimedia experience narrates Judeo-Christian teachings, emphasizing solutions rooted in the Christian faith.


Immerse yourself in the multimedia journey within Noah’s Ark, exploring the Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant. Guides lead audiences through theatres and galleries addressing contemporary challenges, advocating acceptance of the Christian God. The park also features staff reenacting the Holy Family pursued by Roman legionaries, adding an interactive touch to the experience.

Fun for All Ages

Noah’s Ark caters to children of all ages, from toddlers to 10-year-olds. The three layers of the Ark offer hands-on archaeological activities, a 4D movie on Noah’s flood, and a Treasure House gallery explaining subjects like plants, the universe, music, robots, and languages. Older children can enjoy a solar observatory, gadget-making section, and Adventureland with a rope course.

How to Get There

Situated on Ma Wan Island, accessible by a 20-minute ferry ride from Central Ferry Pier or the Noah’s Ark shuttle bus from Mong Kok MTR Station. Explore nearby attractions like Ma Wan Park and Tung Wan Beach during your visit.

Additional Features

Noah’s Ark offers more than just attractions – enjoy a restaurant, café, and souvenir shop on-site. Make the most of your trip by exploring nearby attractions and making it a memorable experience for the whole family.


Embark on a journey of education, entertainment, and enlightenment at Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong. Whether you’re fascinated by biblical tales, intrigued by nature, or seeking family-friendly fun, this unique theme park has something for everyone. Uncover the wonders of Noah’s Ark and create lasting memories on Ma Wan Island.

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