Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

Hong Kong the administrative region is home to a lot of museums where tourists show the latest technology, old memorable things, and many more. Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence as the name indicates is a public military museum. It is located on the Former Coastal Defence Fort overlooking the Lei Yue Mun channel near Shau Kei Wan on Hong Kong Island. The museum focuses on the history of wars along with activities to enhance patriotism. You will explore here different programs including lectures, historical study tours, workshops, and interactive dramas. Let’s discuss all about this worthwhile military destination in Hong Kong.

Museum of Coastal Defence Display

History states that in 1993 the fort developed into a museum on the decision of the Urban Council. Covering an area of almost 34,300 square meters after 7 years its opening occurred in 2000. In 218 the museum closes again for repair and renovation. In short, the latest building of the museum opened in the last in 2022.
Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence consists of three main areas
Reception Area
The Redoubt
Historical trail
As mentioned, the hundred-year-old fort was converted into the Museum. The historical structure possesses an extensive outdoor area with a unique architectural design. The whole building design provides a historical feeling for visitors. The display covers almost 600 years of Hong Kong’s coastal Defence. The exhibits are in a redoubt, while other structures including batteries, underground magazines, torpedo stations, protective ditch, and weaponry are there on a walking tour through the grounds. The panoramic view of the surrounding harbor is also worth seeing.

Military Structures

Redoubt: Built-in 1887 formerly the core military structure of the fort
Central battery: Completed in 1887. A 7-inch gun barrel on display, an RML Mark 1 gun of almost 5 tuns dating from the 1870s.
Western battery: In 1887 two 9-inch muzzle-loading guns were set up on this battery. Almost 12 tuns-heavy barrels found in 1990 are also displayed here.
Torpedo Station: Between 1892 and 1894, the torpedo station in Lei Yue mun was built. It is the last one either in Britain or overseas possessions.
Lei Yue Mun Pass battery: Completing in 1892 the battery was constructed to defend the Harbor from destroyers carrying small high-speed torpedoes.

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence Opening Hours and Transportation

Entry to the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence is free. The opening hours may vary according to the weather conditions and holidays. The official opening hours are from 10 am to 5 pm. Thursday is completely off. Accessibility The museum is almost 15 15-minute’ walk from exit B2 of Shau Kei Wan Station.

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