Hong Kong to Macau Bus-Everything You Need to Know

Hong Kong to Macau Bus-Everything You Need to Know

Macau is almost 62 kilometers from Hong Kong across the Pearl River Delta in a straight line. In previous blog posts, we discussed different ways to reach Macau from Hong Kong. So, if you are willing to read those posts then click here: Hong Kong to Macau

Hong Kong to Macau Bus is the easiest, and most convenient cheap way of transportation after the ferry. Bus transportation between Hong Kong and Macau started after the opening of the Hong Kong Zhuhai-Macau Bridge in 2018. Before the opening of this bridge ferry and helicopter were the only source of transportation between Hong Kong and Macau. The bridge itself is also a large tourist destination where millions of tourists plan their trips and explore. 30 to 40 minutes ride on this world’s largest bridge-tunnel leads you to Macau.

How to Go to Macau from Hong Kong by Bus?

The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge at a distance of almost 3 minutes ride from Hong Kong International Airport is the best way for bus to carry passengers from Hong Kong to Macau. The Downtown is a little bit away from the bridge. It’s not too complicated just reach the Macau port and start your journey.

Resultantly, there are Three ways to use HZMB between Hong Kong and Macau. Either travel to the Hong Kong port and change to a Bridge shuttle bus or use a cross-boundary Coach directly going to Macau.

Cross-border Busses

These buses carry passengers directly from downtown to Macau through the HZMB bridge in almost 110 minutes. The fare may vary from 160 to 180 dollars. Different route options with different starting locations are there including Prince Edward Hong Kong City, Jordan, and Diamond Hill.

Shuttle Bus

Linking Hong Kong and Macau customs on each end of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau bridge brings the visitors traveling between the two cities through HZMB. You had to find a way to get a Hong Kong post and pass the customs. This is the cheapest way of transportation from Hong to Macau almost 60 to 70 dollars for 35 minutes ride.

Cross-Border Limousine

This is a flexible service available for 24 hours in which you can enjoy a customized route. There are immigration and customs checkpoints on both ends of the bridge. No matter which service you were using, you had to take off along with your luggage on each end of the bridge and clear your immigration. This will happen twice whether you are using a cross-border bus or private vehicle.

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