Discover the Charm of Ma Wan-A Family-Friendly Guide

Discover the Charm of Ma Wan-A Family-Friendly Guide

Nestled between Lantau Island and Tsing Yi Island, Ma Wan is a hidden gem in the heart of Hong Kong. With its rich history, stunning geography, and a perfect blend of modern development and natural beauty, Ma Wan offers a unique experience for visitors. In this guide, we’ll explore the fascinating features, historical significance, and exciting activities that make Ma Wan an ideal destination for family-friendly exploration.

Geography and Geology

Ma Wan spans 0.97 square kilometers and boasts diverse geographical features. Its highest point, Tai Leng Tau, offers panoramic views of the surrounding areas. Two channels, Wan Channel to the east and Kap Shui Mun to the southwest, define its borders, making it a picturesque island with connections to major landmarks including Tsing Ma Bridge and Kap Shui Mun Bridge.

The island’s geology is characterized by volcanic rocks and granite formations, showcasing a unique blend of fine-grained materials. Dykes, fault lines, and Cenozoic-age dykes contribute to the geological diversity, providing a fascinating backdrop for exploration.


Ma Wan’s history dates back to the Mid-Neolithic Age, with evidence of human habitation from various periods, including the Han dynasty. In 1997, archaeological excavations revealed complete Neolithic human skeletal remains, shedding light on the island’s ancient inhabitants.

Foreign visitors first arrived in 1794, and Ma Wan had a Customs house until 1899. The island witnessed significant changes in the 20th century, including the construction of housing units by the United States in 1965. By 2000, Ma Wan’s population was 800, primarily engaged in fish farming.

The development of the Park Island apartment complex in the early 2000s led to the relocation of villagers, offering them modern housing options. Despite these changes, remnants of Ma Wan’s history, such as the Fong Yuen Study Hall and the vacated Ma Wan Main Street Village, provide glimpses into its past.

Features and Leisure

Ma Wan is home to the private housing estate, Park Island, developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties. Villages like Wan Town, Fishermen’s Village, and Tin Liu New Village showcase a mix of traditional and modern living. The island’s leisure options include Wan Park, featuring the Heritage Centre and Noah’s Ark attraction, providing insights into the island’s evolution.

Religious sites like Tin Hau Temples, Ma Wan Alliance Church, and educational institutions like Kei Wai Primary School add cultural richness. The island also embraces local traditions, such as Cantonese Opera productions and the production of shrimp paste.

Infrastructure and Transport

Infrastructure on Ma Wan includes iconic landmarks like the Tsing Ma Bridge, the world’s 16th longest-span suspension bridge. Park Island Ferry Pier facilitates transportation to Central Piers and Tsuen Wan, offering both ferry and road access. While private vehicles are generally restricted, urban taxis gained access in 2012, enhancing connectivity.

Exploring Ma Wan

Ma Wan offers a plethora of experiences for visitors. The Ghost Town, with its abandoned village houses, provides a haunting yet captivating atmosphere. The Coastal Walk, Tai Leng Tau hike, and Wan Park cater to nature enthusiasts. The island’s beaches, including Tung Wan and Tai Pai Tsui Pier Beach, offer relaxation and scenic beauty.

For families, Noah’s Ark Hong Kong provides an educational and entertaining experience. Additionally, Pak Wan Tin Hau Temple offers a cultural stop with picturesque views.

Dining Options

Cap off your Ma Wan adventure with a delightful dining experience. Beachside restaurants like Cafe Roma, Oma’s Kitchen, and La Rosabelle Bar & Grill offer diverse culinary delights. On the pier, Little Seoul presents Korean cuisine, providing a variety of dining options for every palate.


Ma Wan’s enchanting blend of history, geography, and modernity makes it an ideal destination for families seeking diverse experiences. From exploring the ghost town to enjoying scenic hikes and beachside relaxation, Ma Wan offers a perfect balance of adventure and tranquility. Embark on a memorable journey to this island and discover the charm of this unique Hong Kong Island.

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