February 3, 2024
Tai Leng Tau Hiking-A Picturesque Trail Adventure in Hong Kong

The Beauty of Tai Leng Tau-A Picturesque Hiking Adventure in Hong Kong

Embark on a captivating hiking journey to Tai Leng Tau, a charming 69-meter-high hill nestled in the southern part of Ma Wan Island. Offering breathtaking views of Tang Lung Chau Island and Ma Wan Channel, this short and easy hiking trail promises an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts. Join us as we explore the hidden gems along the path, from serene shorelines to enchanting bamboo forests. All while enjoying panoramic vistas of the island’s coastline and the majestic Tsing Ma Bridge.

Overview & Fast Facts

Tai Leng Tau stands proudly at an elevation of 69 meters, providing stunning coastal views of the “East Sea” (Sai Kung Sea). Located on the eastern part of the tranquil Clearwater Bay Country Park peninsula, northeast of Clearwater Bay beaches. This hiking trail promises a perfect blend of nature and adventure. The circular route starts and ends at Tai Au Mun, offering multiple options for exploration, including Clearwater Bay beaches, Lobster Bay, and Tai Hang Tun, home to the ClearWater Bay Country Park Visitor Centre.

Hiking Experience

While Tai Leng Tau offers an easy and family-friendly hike, be prepared for some steep ascents and descents. The dirt paths and wild grass add to the rustic charm, making it a memorable experience for both beginners and intermediate hikers. A cliffside clearing along the way provides a perfect spot for kite-flying and barbecue pits. While views of Port Shelter and Green Egg Island add to the scenic allure. Don’t miss the ancient rock carving beside a quiet rock beach, adding a touch of history to your outdoor adventure.

Essentials for the Hike

To make the most of your Tai Leng Tau hike, ensure you bring adequate sun protection and at least two liters of water, as the trail lacks shade. If hunger strikes, two snack pavilions along the circular route offer a quick refuel. Public toilets are conveniently located at various points for your comfort.

How to Get There

Reaching Tai Leng Tau is convenient, thanks to well-connected transportation options. If you’re traveling from Diamond Hill, take the Kwun Tong line to Diamond Hill Station and board bus 91 to Clearwater Bay via HKUST. For those starting from Po Lam or Tseung Kwan O, follow the suggested routes to reach Tai Au Mun easily.


Tai Leng Tau beckons adventure seekers and nature lovers alike, promising a delightful journey through scenic landscapes and captivating viewpoints. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, this trail offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor exploration. Plan your visit to Tai Leng Tau and immerse yourself in the serenity of Ma Wan Island’s southern charm.

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