Ngong Ping Village Hong Kong – A Walking Tour to Big Buddha

Ngong Ping Village

A small village designed with Chinese-style architectural elements Ngong Ping village is located in the western part of Lantau Island. Mainly the establishment of this village is made for the accommodation of millions of tourists to see Big Buddha and experience Sea, Sky, and land on Ngong Ping cable car ride.

The village is a complex of shops, restaurants, kids’ entertainment, and photo shops. Those tourists who are willing to spend more days to experience everything have an opportunity to rest and dine in the village. All the modern facilities are offered in this village to make it a perfect tourist point. The village is surrounded by several small hills that make it a perfect destination. Lantau Peak, the second largest peak of Hong Kong is located on its southeast.

Ngong Ping Village

Ngong Ping Village Attractions

The village is not only a resting area but also a top-level tourist destination possessing four major attractions including;

  • Cable Car Discovery Centre
  • motion 360
  • Hong Kong’s Art of Chocolate and walking with buddha.

Cable car Discovery Centre

Cable Car Discovery Center is the latest addition that replaces the old VR 360. It introduces a cable car theme exhibition to tourists and takes them to the restricted engineering zone. Tourists should buy tickets. Children less than 3 years old are not allowed.

Cable car

Motion 360

Motion 360 is a 4D theater with the latest technology just as water spray, wind effects, and others. It shows short movies that last for 10 minutes. Remains open for tourists from 11 am to 5 pm daily. Tourists are allowed to buy tickets according to their age.

Art of Chocolate

A chocolate-themed exhibition possessing 9-themes and 389 exhibitions altogether made of chocolate is known as the Art of Chocolate. It’s not a world of chocolate but also a culture of Hong Kong. 10 different samples of chocolates are offered at this exhibition. With the help of masters, you can make chocolate according to your interests.

Ginat Buddhi Tree and Shrine

You will find a Giant Buddhist tree in the middle of the village. This tree has combined local tradition and many wishing placards. According to Buddhism followers, the locals believe that the higher you throw the wishing placard, the greater the chance your wish will come true.

Lam Tsuen Well Wishing Festival is a yearly event when millions of tourists join this celebration and make their wishes in Lam Tsuen. On the other hand, the Buddha tree is not the real one. It is an artificial made up of concrete. However, the followers write their wishes on a piece of paper and hang it on the shrine to enjoy this old tradition.

How to Reach Nigon Ping Village?

Nigon ping cable car and bus are the best options to reach to village. The bus carries passengers from the Ting Chung bus terminal and takes almost 50 minutes to reach the destination. But most of the tourists prefer the Nigon Ping cable car instead of the bus or ferry. The cable car is a worth-visiting destination from where you can see land, sea, and many more just in one ride.

To get rid of humiliation, tourists are suggested to buy their tickets through an online portal in advance. Nigon Ping village is free of cost but you have to pay for the cable car to reach the village. The village as well as cable car time starts from 10 am and ends at 6 pm on weekdays. So, before starting your journey keep in mind the table so that you can explore everything of Ngong Ping village waiting for you.

Best Time to Visit Ngong Ping Village

Nigon Ping Village weather varies greatly throughout the year. June, July, and August are the hottest months during which tourists don’t plan their trip to the village. April, September, and October are peak months during which millions of tourists plan their trips and explore the village. Hotel and flight rates remain high during these months of the year. So, book your residence in advance.  You will find this village least crowded during December when the temperature is very low. So, plan your trip according to your needs as well as interests.

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