Star Ferry Hong Kong- Easy Transportation to Hong Kong Island

Star Ferry

Star Ferry as the name indicates one of the soulmate modes of transportation between Hong Kong Island and Tsim Sha Tsui. According to National Geographic, it is one of the top 50 things you must do in your life. Your trip will be incomplete if come back from Hong Kong without a tour of Star Ferry. The easiest and cheapest way of transportation for tourists as well as locals.

The green and white ferries are not just a mode of transportation but also appear in TV and blockbuster movies. With the help of these short tours, you just not only enjoy the stunning view of the city’s skyline but also understand the local’s daily life. Probably, you have a lot of questions regarding Star Ferry tickets, their location, and how to get them. But don’t worry, we will discuss all these things in this blog. Keep in touch with us.

Star Ferry

History of Star Ferry

Before the arrival of Star Ferry service locals used Sampans for transportation across Hong Kong Island. Grant Smith was the first man who brought a twin-screw wooden boat from England in 1870 and started running Harbor across irregular intervals. In 1873 an attempt was made but it was stopped at the request of the British Consul in Canton.

Later on, the Kowloon Ferry Company was officially founded by Dorabjee Naorojee Mithaiwala in 1888. After that two steam vessels were acquired. After that regular service was initiated for tourists and locals. With the passage of time changes occurred in the company and management. Until the opening of the Cross-Harbor Tunnel in 1972, Star Ferry was considered the main mode of transportation among Hong Kong Island and Kowloon sites.

Star Ferry Fleets

Currently, Star Ferry fleets offer eight double-deck ferries to tourists. All the vessels and boats possess unique names related to the star just as morning star, twinkling star, solar star, night star, and silver star.

You can easily identify white and green boats on Victoria Harbor. Similar to Ding Ding trams ferries are also used for promotions and advertisement. At this time, Night Star only remains a colorful ferry. Moreover, each ferry is based on a double double-headed diesel engine.

What Makes Star Ferry so Special?

First of all, it’s a historic mode of transportation. In this ever-changing world especially in Hong Kong’s fast society, Star Ferry is the only legend that only sustained but still operating. Secondly, it is the cheapest way of transportation from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island and vice versa. Moreover, it offers a stunning view of Hong Kong Skyline and Victoria Harbor.

Fare, Schedule, and Route

Star Ferry is a cheap way of transportation. But tourists are offered two different ways of ticket prices depending upon the upper and lower decks of ferries. The ticket for an upper deck is a little bit more expensive than that of a lower one. The upper deck is more comfortable and spaced than the lower one. Furthermore, Air conditions vessels are offered on the upper deck.

On the other hand, the lower deck doesn’t offer air conditioning but you have an opportunity to walk around the edges. You can choose any of the decks according to your interest.  The fare of ferries may vary according to Hong Kong currency and conditions of the development or some other cases. So, beware about fares or check before buying tickets through the official Star Ferry site.

Star ferry follow just two routes as follows;

Tsim Sha Tsui- Central (approximate traveling time 9- 10 minutes)

Tsim Sha Tsui- Wan Chai (approximate traveling time 8 minutes)

                                       Monday to Friday                     Saturday Sunday

 Upper deckLower deckUpper deckLower deck
AdultHK$ 3.3HK$ 2.7HK$ 4.3HK$ 3.6
childrenHK$ 2.0HK$ 1.9HK$ 2.6HK$ 2.5
People with disabilitiesHK$ 2.0HK$ 1.9HK$ 2.6HK$ 2.5
fare list

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