Pedder Street Central Hong Kong- Everything You Need to Know

Pedder Street Central Hong Kong- Everything You Need to Know

Hong Kong the administrative region is not only known for its worth-visiting destinations, cuisines shopping malls, and administration but also its streets are well known. Pedder Street Central Hong Kong is one of the famous thoroughfares in the core of Hong Kong Central. Starting south-north from Queen’s Road Central through Des Voeux Central Road ending at the section of Connaught Road Central. This 250-meter-long street is an Intersection where a lot of buildings are located. Let’s discuss all about this worthwhile street in Hong Kong.

Pedder Street Central

Originally the street ran from Pedder Hills, where the harbor master’s office was established ending at Pedder’s wharf on the Praya. The street was established in the early colonial days of Hong Kong’s commerce. The street was then extended when the Praya reclamation scheme finished transforming the old Praya into the modern. The streets possess a lot of historical and well-known buildings on their route including:
Pedder wharf
Dent and Co Offices
Hong Kong Hotel
Clock Tower
Pedder Building
Jardine Office
All these worth-seeing destinations are tourist attractions accessible through Pedder Street Central Hong Kong.

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