Wisdom Path- Everything You Need to Know Before Going

Wisdom Path- Everything You Need to Know Before Going

Besides Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Cable car, and Lantau Peak there is another worth seeing tourists’ destination which often gets overlooked by the tourists. Wisdom Path Hong Kong located at the foot of Lantau Peak on Ngong Ping, Lantau Island is a landscaped installation of almost 38 wooden columns with the calligraphy of the complete verses of Heart Sutra by Sinologist Professor Jao Tsung-I. let’s discuss all about this worth-visiting destination.

Wisdom Path Hong Kong Overview

officially, Wisdom Path is a walking trail with wooden columns that are almost 8-10 meters tall and 1 meter wide with Chinese calligraphy. All the columns are laid in the shape of digit 8. It is said that column number 23 is kept empty which emphasizes the core value of Heart Sutra. Although, there is no English translation of the verse still you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at this place.

Here you will see the stunning scenery surrounding this path. From the top of Wisdom Path, you can avail yourself of Hong Kong’s highest peak, Shek Pik Reservoir, Lantau Peak is known for its sunrise and amazing scenery.

Opening Hours and Tickets

Although the wisdom path remains open 24 hours, but the nearby destination i.e. Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery closes at almost 6 pm. So plan your trip according to nearby destinations. Entry is free of cost for locals as well as tourists. There may be a little bit of expense of bus or any other source that carries you towards this Path.

How to Get to Wisdom Path HK

As mentioned earlier, Wisdom Path is close to the Big Buddha and Ngong Ping 360 cable car. That’s why the Ngong Ping 360 Cable car is highly recommended. You can also travel from central by ferry to Mui O and then transfer by bus to Ngong Ping. Ngong Ping is highly recommended because it saves time. Second, it is the most beautiful cable car ride according to CNN in the world. Through this route, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery during your 25-minute ride.

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