Hong Kong to Macau- 4 Easiest Ways to Travel

Hong Kong to Macau- 4 Easiest Ways to Travel

Macau an autonomous region in the south region of China is located across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. With the development of the transportation system, several ways exist to travel from Hong Kong to the South Region. At the same, it becomes difficult for locals as well as tourists to select the cheapest, convenient, and comfortable route to reach Macau. In a straight-line Macau is located at a distance of almost 62 kilometers from Hong Kong. Let’s discuss how you can travel from Hong Kong to Macau according to your interests and budget.

Ferry- the Cheapest way

The ferry is the cheapest way of travel from Hong Kong. There are four terminals of ferry in Hong Kong carrying passengers towards Macau where 2 terminals receive them. Ferry prices vary from one company to another. You will find there are 3 different levels of seats which are also in different price ranges. The time duration towards Macau through the ferry route is almost one (1) hour.

Ferry- the Cheapest way of transportation from Hong Kong to Macau

Helicopter Travel from Hong Kong to Macau

The helicopter route is an expensive way of traveling from Hong Kong to the South Region of China in a short period of almost 15 minutes. The price of a one-way ticket is almost ¥4148. In a day almost 21 flights move from Hong Kong towards the South through which you can experience the air flying across the river.

Via Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

A 55-kilometer world’s longest cross-sea bridge connects Hong Kong Zhuhai and Macau. The construction of this bridge started in 2009 and ended in 2018. This bridge attracts a lot of tourists who are sole travelers and explorers. The 2-hour journey on this bridge from Hong Kong gives you much more. Different buses are available there according to your starting location.

By Private Car

You can also travel from Hong Kong by your vehicle through cross border limousine service available for 24 hours daily.  Through this way of travel, you can enjoy your own customized route with perfect privacy. This is the best way for family travelers, explorers, and persons with disabilities.


In short, all these ways of transportation from Hong Kong to Macau are perfect. Everyone can choose the best one according to his budget and the way he wants to either explore the destinations coming in the route or just want to complete his journey. All these things depend upon someone’s personal preference. If you like this information then don’t forget to share it with loved ones.

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