Tung Choi Street Hong Kong- Everything You Need to Know

Tung Choi Street Hong Kong- Everything You Need to Know

Hong Kong, China’s administrative region is a comprehensive place where locals and tourists come for enjoyment, relaxation, dining, and shopping. However, a lot of streets are well known for their specific purpose in Hong Kong. Tung Choi Street is the only well-known street where a combination of almost all markets of your interest will be found. This Street is located between Sai Yeung Choi Street and Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok, Kowloon Hong Kong. Let’s discuss all about this paradise.

Tung Choi Street Directions

The main reason behind the fame of this street is due to the two main markets or streets. The first one is the ladies’ market or lady’s street which is located in the southern section of this street. Ladies’ street is the main junction for selling low-priced products and other merchandise.
The second main street is known as Goldfish Street where you will not only find pets and animals especially goldfish but also a wide variety of affordable plants. The street is a local hangout, where you will see Chinese-style pubs serving bottled beers in buckets. All the time you will see a dice game on the go. It’s a great opportunity to rub shoulders with friendly local faces while enjoying drinks in the town.

Best Time to Visit

Although the street opens early at 10 am the best time to explore this street starts after 2 am when it is fully packed. At this time the haggling-bargaining session among the store owners and customers is at its peak. You could avail the best-suited budget among the crowd and see the thousands of glittering lights offering an eye-sighting vision.

How to Reach Tung Choi Street

Public transportation is the best source to reach Tung Choi Street. You can also hire a taxi directly from the city’s center. MTR also leads passengers towards this Street. From MTR take a minibus or city bus running through the routes toward Tung Choi Street.

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