Macau Ferry- Terminals, Routes, Timetable and Ticket Price 

Macau Ferry- terminals, Routes, Timetable and ticket price

As mentioned in the previous blog, Macau is almost 62 kilometers from Hong Kong. 4 different ways of transportation were discussed carrying passengers towards Macau. Macau Ferry is the easiest and cheapest way from Hong Kong to Macau. Different terminals of this ferry are there. You can select one of them according to your nearest location and budget. Let’s discuss all the terminals, their routes, timetables, and fare prices in detail.

Macau Ferry Terminals

There are almost 6 total Macau Ferry terminals 4 in Hong Kong and 2 in Macau. The 4 terminals in Hong Kong are as follows:

Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal

located at Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan Hong Kong at a distance of almost 3 kilometers from the central Plaza of Hong Kong. A 20-minute ride of New Bus number 722 or Island Lines carries you from the central plaza to this terminal. The best thing is that the terminal is located near many other tourist destinations.

China Ferry Terminal

the second cross-border ferry terminal of Hong Kong located at No. 33 Guangdong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong. It is also 3 kilometers away from Central Plaza Hong Kong. But firstly, you should take the ferry at Wan Chai Ferry Pier towards Tsim Sha Tsui, then take the 77M bus at Star Ferry Pier. After passing two bus stations get off, and China Ferry Terminals welcomes You. The downtown area of Hong Kong is near to this terminal.

Tuen Mun Ferry Pier

The third cross-border ferry terminal of Hong Kong is located at 148 Wu Chui Road, Tuen Mun Hong Kong. The terminal is at a distance of 36 kilometers from Central Plaza Hong Kong. 1-hour ride of city bus carries you towards this terminal where a lot of natural parks are located—almost 7 to 9 ferries in a day move towards Macau.

SkyPier Macau Ferry

the only ferry terminal located inside the Hong Kong Airport restricted area operated by the Airport just for transit passengers. All those passengers starting their journey from Macau do not buy tickets and use the ferry from Macau to SkyPier without a valid passport and flight ticket. It is located at a distance of 2 kilometers from the airport in the northeast.


7:30       8:30       9:00      9:30      10:00

 10:30     11:30     12:00    12:30     1:30

 2:00     3:00     4:30    5:00     6:30

 7:30                              8:30                             9:30                            10:30                            11:30


The other 2 Macau Ferry terminals located in Macau are as Follows:

Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

the terminal is located at Haigang Qiandi, Macao Special Administrative Region China. Once arriving at this terminal, you can also visit the Downtown area of Macao by taking bus No.3. this terminal is the best choice for those who want to explore the historical center of Macau.

Taipa Ferry Terminal

The second Macau ferry terminal is located at Dama Road, Beian Tianhai district, Macao. The terminal is also accessible to the Downtown Area of Macao along with a lot of destinations including Casinos, and shopping malls. You can also catch the flight from Macau airport through this terminal.


9:00      10:00      10:30    11:00      11:30

 12:30     1:30     2:00    2:30     3:00

 4:00     4:30     5:00    5:30     6:00

 7:00                                   8:00                                  9:00                                         10:00                                11:00

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