Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard- Shopping Mall in Hong Kong

Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard

Hong Kong the administrative region of China is worth visiting site not only for tourist destinations but also for eatables, staying for a long time, and shopping. Although many of the shopping malls are there from where you can buy each and everything of your interest. Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard is the only place that is a tourist attraction more than that of a shopping mall. It is located along Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui near Kowloon Park and Jordan Station Hong Kong. Opening hours vary from 10 am to 11 pm. There may be a little bit of change in opening and closing hours due to weather and other circumstances. Let’s discuss everything about this stunning tourist as well as a shopping destination in Hong Kong.

Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard overview

This stunning tourist and shopping destination came into existence in 1986. You will find here the luxury shopping and a vibrant lifestyle experience. The mall’s building is almost 300 meters long consisting of 50 plus shops and stores. The Park Lane Shoppers Boulevard offers high-end fashion brands, accessories, shoes, leatherware, luggage, bags, and travel gear along with electronics including mobiles, cameras, and many more. In short, a paradise for fashion enthusiasts, who can find flagship stores and designer boutiques having the latest collections from international fashion houses.

The jewelry stores offer antique pieces fine crafted with the finest gemstones and precious metal. Whether you are willing to buy a dazzling diamond necklace for your life partner or a unique piece of artificial jewelry, you have multiple options according to your needs and interests. Food lovers also find eatables there without getting out of this stunning place. Gourmet restaurants and cafes serve international cuisine and fusion flavors.

Kowloon Park Entrance

You will find the entrance of the famous Kowloon Park when you reach the end the Park Lane Shoppers Boulevard. If you are willing to explore this park enter the gate and start your exploration. You can also relax from the shopping or take some rest and restart your journey. In addition, Hong Kong’s largest mosque is there. As you continue to stroll down Nathan Road you will find a lot of shopping complexes, restaurants, and other worth seeing sights.

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