Avenue of Stars Hong Kong-A Planetary Experience

Avenue of Stars

Similar to the Hollywood frame in the U.S. Hong Kong possesses Avenue of Stars. Hong Kong government and Film Award Association built this walk of fame to honor the achievements in the entertainment industry as well as a public monument. It is a 400-meter-long bridge section along the Victoria Harbor front in Tsim Sha Tsui.  Tourists along the Avenue of Stars can take a stroll that celebrates achievement and reputation to be the “Hollywood of the East”

Along the Garden of Stars, Avenue of Stars collects over 100 years of Hong Kong cinematic history along with the 100 local celebrities’ hand imprints and signatures. For tourists who are willing to Hong Kong movies and pop culture, it should be an interesting destination for them.

Avenue of Stars History

On 26th April 2004, Avenue of Stars’ opening ceremony was for the public. Later in 2019 some little bit changes were made in its structure. After a short period again publicly available. Now there are almost 108 plaques that honor the celebrities, opera stars, scriptwriters as well and directors of Hong Kong Movies. You will find here most of the popular celebrity’s names including Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, John Woo, and others.

a girl sitting outside the Avenue of Stars

Handprints of celebrities are no longer available on the floor. On the other hand, you will find the celebrity’s handprints on wooden handrails with QR codes. By scanning the QR code you can learn more about those superstars.

Statues on Avenue of Stars

Avenue of Stars also possesses statues of celebrities including Bruce Lee, Anita Mui, and McDull that are carried back from the Golden of Stars. All these statues are located closer to the entrance at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Those tourists who are willing to the Olympic Games of 2008 will find here the large replica of the Olympic torch in Beijing which is permanently on display.

Bruce Lee Statue on Avenue of Stars

Outdoor Destinations

The Avenue of Stars is not only important due to its statues, prints, and old history but also a worthwhile destination for natural explorers, island lovers, and more. Tourists can spend their time along the Victoria harbor and stroll along the shoreline. At night tourists can enjoy the symphony of lights from a top point. A lot of other visiting destinations are also there that are easily accessible from the Avenue as follows:

Here you will see young couples shooting in front of the amazing Hong Kong Skyline. Symphony of Lights is a highly recommended tourist place for tourists who are willing of photo shot. Avenue of Stars is free of tickets; tourists can visit without paying any bill. Opening and closing time doesn’t exist here all-day time it remains open for tourists coming from all over the world.

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